Jamouri Manuel Kawani Ringold who performs under the mononym Laze, is a Bay Area artist recording in San Jose, California. Laze records under his self-owned record label No Fanga Print Records which was developed in the year 2005. He prefers to describe his music as versatile because he enjoys developing diverse music of all kinds. Laze is not one to be placed in just one single music genre box. Music lovers from age 13 all the way up to 65 years young are fans who have been enjoying Laze’s music since 2005 when he dropped his first solo album Wrong Identity. Fellow Bay Area recording artist ProHoezac has described Laze’s music as, “outstanding and one of a kind and heads will be turning to learn more about Laze in the near future.”

Laze’s debut albums entitled Preeminence is a Trilogy album release with the 1st scheduled for release in June, 2nd in September and the 3rd in December of 2011. He is currently in the studio wrapping up the final touches of this one of a kind Trilogy debut. Preeminence has music for all types of people, places and situations including the club scene, the streets, music for the ladies and even uplifting spiritual songs. Samples and snippets of Preeminence, as well as songs from Laze’s Wrong Identity album, can be found on Currently Laze’s main focus is working on bringing overall good music back to the music lovers who might be feeling like a real change is needed in today’s music scene.

Music is just the start for Laze and his future career plans. Becoming a nationally recognized brand is one of his ultimate goals. His number one priority is making No Fanga Print records a household name. He has plans to open his own telecommunications company, soul food restaurant and barber shop. Laze has a strong passion for one day developing his own state of the art low income apartment complex for those with a less than average income to be able to afford. Giving back to those less fortunate than him has always been a main priority for Laze and he will continue to do so throughout his lifetime. Laze is focused, committed and dedicated to his success and to the success of others around him and he will not stop until he reaches his goals and then surpasses them.

Laze and his No Fanga Print Records label will continue to make exceptional quality and versatile music for years to come. He wants everyone to support him in 2011 by purchasing his Preeminence Trilogy debut albums at Laze’s limited classic solo album Wrong Identity can also be found and purchased on so make sure and pick up your copy. Laze is working hard to become a recognized figure and household name that the public equates with quality music and an overall superior brand.
Preeminence is defined as the “greatest in importance or degree or significance or achievement” and these are words that Laze lives his life by and creates his music behind.

LAZE - Ladies Man